February 1, 2016/Rehearsal #18

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January 30, 2016
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February 4, 2016

February 1, 2016/Rehearsal #18

Dear Bravi and VTG,

I truly enjoyed last night’s rehearsal. It was a chance for us all to work at a more relaxed pace and to hit some specific technical issues. All of you, I’m really proud of you for the awesome work that you put in – we were really making a good sound on Seven Bridges Road!!

Okay, here’s what you’re going to be doing for next week:

Seven Bridges Road: listen to this recording for the original group singing it. Please note that the “fall-offs” at the ends of the phrases are gentle. Also, here’s a choir singing our arrangement. Listen to these recordings, and then practice the song. As you saw last night, if you learn the first two pages, you’ve learned most of the song. THEREFORE, work on the slow part at the beginning over and over until you have all the fast notes accurate!

Tenors (that includes you, third tenors!!) , above everything else, remember your light tone when we practiced this. As I said before, find your falsetto position and sing through that – if you can put a chest tone through that space, that’s great, but it should be relaxed and gentle. Basses, please give me a bright, resonant tone down there as much as possible.

We’re recording, after two more rehearsals, on February 29th (yes, Leap Day!) – please continue to brush up on your Winter Concert rep, and particularly practice Go Tell It in the manner that Laney taught you last night.

Also, make sure that you keep Double Shot up to speed so that you are ready to jump in with the sopranos and altos in March.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not congratulate you on your stellar performance at Saturday’s Gala. Good job, and you really represented Cantabile well. I appreciate your ability to work so independently and professionally; you are constantly raising the bar of expectation for future Bravi’s!

Good work, and I’ll see you all next week!

Mr. Belles

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