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Donors like you enable Cantabile to continue to grow in artistic quality and reach out to more and more children for whom choral singing is an outlet for expression and confidence and an educational opportunity they might not otherwise have. Ticket and tuition revenue alone do not cover the cost of providing exemplary choral training, musicianship lessons, and performance opportunities to our singers and fantastic choral concerts to Bay Area audiences. This is where your generosity is vital in closing the gap.

Aside from general operational needs, donors can also support the Signe Boyer Scholarship Fund, which provides need-based scholarships for singers in order to bring music education to more children in the Bay Area.

Please consider the many ways in which you can make a difference for Cantabile. Find out more about our current Annual Fund Campaign, find out what exactly your dollars support within Cantabile, learn about exciting fundraising events, and donate today!

Your Donation to Cantabile helps us promote music literacy and vocal performance for all of our singers!