Bravi / VTG Rehearsal #13 – November 20, 2017

Prep 3 Blog #11 Week of November 20, 2017
November 22, 2017
Vocalise Rehearsal #13 – November 20, 2017
November 24, 2017

Bravi / VTG Rehearsal #13 – November 20, 2017

NOTE:  all the details for the Holidays with Cantabile dress rehearsal and concert can be found below in the Announcements. Be sure to read these carefully this week!

Dear VTG and Bravi,


ACTION ITEMS FOR NOV 27th REHEARSAL. (Full instructions for each piece are further down in the blog.)


  • ONLY 1 rehearsal left until Dress Rehearsal — attendance is expected!


  • Monday. 11/27 Rehearsal is our last chance: Must be on time and have thorough and correct memorization of the ENTIRE MASS.
  • Convidando and Mass: Know exact meaning of each word. Practice Convidando with fresh ears, and a new sense of understanding.
  • 12 Days of Christmas – Entirely memorized ACCURATELY AND CONFIDENTLY.
  • Blue Christmas  – Review new road-map.
  • 3d Yoga flow and meditation is a part of your daily routine. Practice no less than 10 min. a day, 10 rounds of the flow, with articulation and full connection to the breath.





12 Days of Christmas

  • BASS 2’S : Each of you should record your part from letter F through the end of the piece and send it to me via email before Monday.  Saman is dismissed as he already did this. 🙂 .
  • New voicing on page 11: All Tenor 1’s plus Ninaad and Chris sing the T2 line at “I had Christmas down in Africa.”  All lower tenor 2s and baritones sing Bar. line. Basses stay on bottom line. This lasts until m. 95. Then return to previous parts.
  • Everyone review motions / choreography.

Merry Christmas / Happy New Year

  • Review, memorize.  Basses: pay special attention to the first two pages.  The rest was in good shape.
  • Practice an animated, joyful expression. Remember — this is a spoof. It has to be humorous and light-hearted!


  • Review at least once per day. It has been a little while.

Blue Christmas

  • Reminder: Sing opening as written through m. 9 – 10.
  • Then all jump to melody, shortening downbeat of m. 9 to staccato eighth note.
  • Sing the echo “without you” from m. 12 – 13, then jump immediately back to melody.
  • Sing the echo “thinkin’ bout you” in m. 16 – 17, then jump to choral parts.
  • Back to melody in m. 5 (the real melody, not the jazzy solo melody).
  • Sing the echo “They start fallin” from . 28 – 29, then jump back to melody.
  • Sing the echo “Callin'” from m. 32 – 32, then jump to choral parts.
  • Sing melody from m. 37 – 40.
  • Choral parts as printed from m. 42 – 57.
  • Sing melody at m. 58
  • Sing the echo “and that’s certain” from m. 61 – 62, then jump back to melody.
  • Sing the echo “hurtin'” from m. 65 – 66, then jump to choral parts.
  • Sing melody in unison from m. 71 – 73 (with jazzy Elvis “blue blue blue” at the end of m. 73), finishing the phrase.
  • Sing last page as written, until the end.  We cut  m. 79, adding a chord at the final bar.

Caribbean Mass (SATB), by Glenn McClure

How fun was it to have the SF Panhandlers with us this week??  In all movements of the Mass, be sure to keep the tempo moving forward.  Don’t sing on the back part of the beat – be on the front of it.


In general, make your movements small.  Move your hips and bend your knees.  Smile!


Ms. 51 – begin to step in place, starting on the right foot.  There is a double-time step in each of these phrases – watch Elena!

Ms. 72 – begin “2 steps to the right/2 steps to the left” pattern.  At ms. 78, be still.  At ms. 80, begin the pattern again.  Ms. 86-91 – be still.  Continue this pattern through the end of the piece, stopping the step every time you sing “Bon Signor.”


When you start singing at letter B, step in place, letting your shoulders alternate up and down naturally with the direction of your step.  At letter D, continue the single steps.  One measure before letter E – stop.  Begin stepping again in next measure, 78.  Continue to end.


Do the math. How many times do you repeat each section? When do you change harmonies? The patterns are all there — you must do the homework to remember when these changes happen.


Step forward with right foot, shift weight onto left, then step back with right foot throughout until letter G.  Be still util letter H, then begin stepping in the same fashion to the end.  At letter I, bend the knees and get lower with the lower dynamic.  Straighten up and get taller as the dynamic rises.  Be still at ms. 100 to the end.


Move with the beat.  Tenors AND basses need to remind yourself of the correct pitches and rhythms for this piece. They were there, but often after one or two runs.  Make sure they are accurate the first time.


Recordings for your reference:

Kyrie (sung by the MA All-State Honor Choir, Dr. Janet Galvan, Conductor):

Here is Santo…

…and Credo:


Amani (keep practicing):

  • Be careful not to insert an ‘n’ in the word ‘chante’ – the ‘ah’ in the first syllable is nasal, so you must be careful not to inadvertently create an ‘n’ as you move from the nasal ‘ah’ to the ‘t’ in the second syllable.  Think of having a stuffy nose at that precise moment and the ‘n’ will not sound.
  • Remember the strong emphasis we put on the word ‘fort’ which we found on Saturday by “punching” the air in front of you with a strong-man arm.
  • Be sure to articulate the ‘d’ at the end of the word ‘monde.’
  • Observe the piano dynamic marking at one measure after letter C, but don’t slow down.
  • Practice the claps that occur throughout the piece, the side-to-side step at the section after letter C and also the final “fist-fist-arms up” movement at the end.




Holidays with Cantabile Dress Rehearsal Information – Tuesday, November 28

Location: California Theatre, 345 S. 1st Street, San Jose (see drop-off location below)

Call Time:  4:45 pm

Release Time:  8:45 pm

Please be aware that we work exceptionally hard to ensure that not a moment of time is wasted at these rehearsals.  Sometimes, however, these rehearsals need an extra few minutes to ensure that the hard work that the singers have put into their artistry all semester can come through in their performance.  As such, despite our very best efforts otherwise, we sometimes do run behind schedule.  We appreciate your patience and understanding if this becomes the case.

Drop off location: Singers will be dropped off at the curb on the Artist’s Entrance: East side of Market Street, just south of the Hilton Hotel.

Pick Up: Singers will be picked up in the back lobby of the California Theater, off of Market Street.  Please plan on parking your car and coming inside to check out your singer.

Attire:  Bravi/VTG –  Black long sleeve button down shirt, black dress pants, black dress socks, black dress shoes, plain black belt.  Cantabile will be providing a new tie for this event which will be distributed at the Dress Rehearsal.

Please bring with you: Music Binder, Water Bottle (with your name on it), Pencil. A snack will be provided.

Holidays with Cantabile Concert Information


  • Morning Rehearsal Call Time: 9:30 AM for Morning Rehearsal
  • Morning Dismissal: 11:30 AM
  • Afternoon Call Time for Concert: 5:30 PM


    • Drop off location: Singers will be dropped off at the curb on the Artist’s Entrance: East side of Market Street, just south of the Hilton Hotel.
    • Check Out: Check out will happen in designated areas throughout the theater, after the concert has completed.
    • Attire: Full Concert Dress for all choirs: see above.
    • Please make sure you eat a good dinner before coming to the concert.  
    • Please bring with you: Water Bottle (with your name on it)


Sign up to volunteer

All volunteer positions are now open.  Please follow the link below to sign up for these coveted parent volunteer hours!  Volunteers for 11/28 and Volunteers for 12/3


Holidays with Cantabile Tickets Now On Sale

Please visit the Cantabile website to buy your tickets today – they are going quickly!  Additionally, we need your help in filling the hall, so invite your extended family, friends, teachers, and neighbors today!


End Of Semester/Last Rehearsal Dates

Please note that we will not have any more rehearsals after the Holidays with Cantabile concert on Sunday, December 3rd.  Please refer to your calendars for your first rehearsal date after the 1st of the New Year.

There are, however, two gigs for Bravi singers.  Please keep an eye open for logistical information about these gigs.


Tour Registration Reminder

If you haven’t already told us about your plans to attend tour, please either register via our website or email Jazmine ( and let us know your status.  Thank you!


Many thanks,

Jace, Elena, and Lori

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