BLOG UPDATE 05/23/2014

BLOG UPDATE 05/23/2014
March 30, 2015
March 30, 2015

BLOG UPDATE 05/23/2014

Dear Ensemble and Vocalise Singers and Families,



It’s evaluation time! Several of you have already been seen and have done a great job! Your conductors look forward to hearing the rest of you in the next couple of weeks.  Please sign up via the links sent through email. If you can’t make any of the times offered, please email cassie@cantabile.orgPlease arrive 15 minutes before your time-slot. Ensemble A only: please bring your completed musicianship workbook for final review with ALL mistakes corrected – see the marking page at the beginning for a list of questions that need to be corrected. (If your musicianship book has not been handed back to you yet, it will be brought to your evaluation for you – don’t worry.)


Please prepare:

– All of your repertoire: have it so well memorized that you can sing it alone! This includes text, dynamics, phrasing and breathing, cut-offs, etc.

– Three minor scales: natural, harmonic, melodic. (See links at the bottom for extra help.)

– Key signatures: Vocalise and Ensemble B should recognize all key signatures, Ensemble A should know up to four sharps or flats.

– Solfege: know how to label a melody with solfege for the purposes of sight-singing. You should also know how to write in the counts for any time signature where the quarter or the eighth note gets the beat.


Monteverdi Vespers


Please review the schedule below for rehearsal and concert dates, times, and locations. A summary of information including drop-off and pick-up instructions will be coming to you via email. Make sure to bring your own water and snack to every call. Families will be contacted by Amelia Turvey from the Cantabile office to sign up for chaperoning duties. For ticket info, please go to the Stanford ticket officeSingers, please listen to the mp3 files you received by email. The success of your performance dependings greatly on your ability to put your simple melodies in the highly complex context that is the other vocal and instrumental parts. You must practice with the recordings and get used to knowing when your entrances are. You can also click HERE to listen to a performance.(Note: #11 is at 53:50, #12 children begin singing at 1:04:00 (m. 65), #13 children sing from 1:23:50 to the end.)


Schedule for Monteverdi Choir and Tour Choir

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