April 6, 2016/Rehearsal #13

April 4, 2016/Rehearsal #12
April 7, 2016
Thursday April 8th/ Rehearsal # 13
April 8, 2016

April 6, 2016/Rehearsal #13

Dear Ensemble Singers,

This week we started on repertoire for our Spring Concert. Please use the guidelines below for practice and be sure to review specific assignments. I will have a schedule for memory next week!

Action Items for Next Week:

  • Loch Lomond: Review your part and be able to differentiate between dotted and even eighth notes.


  • Like a Singing Bird: Review your parts through measure 84.
  • Quiet Land of Erin: Review your parts through measure 34.
  • Eu e Você: Review the whole piece and begin memorizing.


Rehearsal Review and Practice Notes:


  • Loch Lomond


      • We sang through the whole thing
      • We worked on the differences between dotted eighths and even eighths
      • Please review carefully–be prepared to sing your melody sections on your own
      • Here is a recording for you to use in your practice: http://www.sbmp.com/SR2.php?CatalogNumber=1218


  • Like a Singing Bird



  • Quiet Land of Erin



  • Eu e Você


    • We briefly reviewed this piece.
    • Please spend some time on your own reviewing your part and start memorizing.
    • This will need to be memorized soon!
    • Here is a recording you can use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF6gfSj5Anc



General Musicianship Notes:

Please be sure you are going back and making all corrections Gwen asks you to make!


Musicianship A

We reviewed what you need to know for your test on 4/20:

  • All Major and Minor key signatures (identify and write)
  • Short rhythmic dictation in 6/8

We started a key signature review sheet, which will be just like the exam. It is attached here if you missed rehearsal. Please finish it on your own. I will go through the answers next week: Musicianship A Key Sig Review (6 April 2016)

For next week: Complete pages 37-40 of Book IV.


Musicianship B

We reviewed triads, both reading, writing, and identifying. This will be on your exam on 4/20!


For next week: Complete pages 37-40 of Book V.


See you all on Wednesday!




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