Past Graduates

Katerina Zorko

C !is for the amazing Conductors that I’ve had the honor and privilege to be taught by throughout my 5 years at Cantabile. Thank you Elena, Jennah, and Shane!
A is for Cantabile’s A cappella group that I’ve been blessed to be a part of this year.
N is for the New friends I have made, who have even become some of my best friends.
T is for the Time I have given Cantabile, but in return I have received so much more.
A is for the Adventures I’ve had such as teaching a Finnish choir African dance and beatboxing for “Macaroni Party” at skit night.
B is for the Baltic tour, my first tour with Cantabile where I was a part of a powerful group of 30,000 singers in Estonia.
I is for the Independence I’ve gained as an individual through singing in choir. !!
L is for the Laughs I’ve shared at every rehearsal.
E is for Everything close to me, everything I value that I now must part ways with. Goodbye Cantabile and thank you for Everything.